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These are some tips to create them using neuromarketing techniques. Consider these options: Emphasize the benefit of your product or service to fuel that desire (” Offer your child the opportunity to be bilingual “) Use social proof (“ More than 1000 companies use Holded ”). Make a clear promise , something that the user will get if they click on the ad.

Using neuromarketing techniques

It has to be very concrete or specific (“in less than 16 weeks, you will top industry data lose 3 kilos). *Tip: When you refer to time, do so, be as precise as possible. For example, don’t say “1 day, but 24 hours”, “2 months, but 8 weeks”. The more specific you are, the more you activate the user’s desire, the more credible you will be. If it is an offer , highlight it a lot and be specific once again.

People who are really interested in the product

This is the part of the ad that the user BJ Leads pays the least attention to. However, we will also have to optimize it, especially for people who are really interested in the product. Here are some things you can do to take advantage of this part of the ad: Add more information about your offer Highlight the main idea Tell about some more benefits of your offer, minor benefits Reiterate.

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