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She shares tips on how. To understand key social mica metrics. Some of which may not be relevant. Ratings Oh, these ratings , but from them. You can understand and at least find agencies from your city. If geographical location is important to you. Awareness of trends This can be understood from the agency s social networks , but in general. If you are offer mass following on Instagram in , if you are counter with. The word subscribers , and not with clients or target indicators, then you ne to think about it. Reports Reports are ne not only to report on what was done.

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To analyze HOW it was done and what the results were. The report should contain photo editing servies analytics , with conclusions and suggestions. And the report itself must be provide at least once a month. Price quality Pay attention to whether the services of an agency that looks too good for this price are too cheap ? Perhaps they will sell you template services that are not of very high quality. Too high a price may indicate a great specialist. On staff who will provide all the results , but you ne. To understand whether the price is justify. Interest at the initial stage.

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You can quickly find out about a potential client even before. The BJ Leads first contact whether you already have social networks or you will have to create from scratch , what corporate style the client has. A more detail analysis can be Carri out in a few hours , at least so as not. To clarify the potential client s Instagram profile at the meeting. All this shows the agency s interest. In the client and desire to work with him. When and why is an agency better than a freelancer? A freelancer , in fact , usually represents only a small part of SMM services.


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