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When working in an office special care should be taken to maintain the correct body position otherwise the employee may easily develop back problems. Here are some of the ergonomic rules for working at a computer develop by the Central Institute for Labor Protection National Research Institute The image on the monitor must be stable and the characters must be clear and legible. The monitor should beWhen typing the user should clearly hear and feel when a key has been press otherwise there is a tendency to hit the keys with too much force.

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The mouse should be select individually for each user taking into account the size of the hand. The surface of the desk top should be matte preferably COO Email List light in color. The backrest of the work chair should be adjust so that it touches the shoulder blades and adheres to the lumbar spine. The office chair should be adjustable so that the knees and hips can be adjust to an angle of approximately .  enabling you to move closer to the desk reaching from the backrest to the middle of the seat.

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Do you work outside the office Read our guide on how to find a coworking zone that will help you ensure proper computer work ergonomics. See also Useful keyboard shortcuts Windows Excel Mac and others .Keeping records of working time for people employ Job Seekers Data under an employment contract is one of the basic obligations of the employer. the amount of remuneration and other employee benefits. In this article I will explain to you what working time records are what they should contain and how to keep them properly.

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