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Additionally proceedings for an intentional crime or an intentional fiscal. Offense cannot be brought against you you cannot be convict by a final judgment of an intentional. Crime or an intentional fiscal crime you have not been dismiss for disciplinary reasons from. The Police Border Guard Internal Security Agency Intelligence Agency Government Protection. Bureau State  court or other office you have a positive opinion from. The poviat district city police commander competent for your place of residence you have the mental capacity to perform activities confirm by a medical certificate you have a document confirming that you have complet training in the field of personal data protection protection.

Classifi information regulations governing

the rights and obligations of a detective and the principles of conducting business activities in the field of detective services. As you can see before you start applying for a detective license you must undergo appropriate training at an educational and Chairman Email Lists educational institution. In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Internal  a detective license it lasts hours and covers the following issues personal data protection protection of classifi information provisions regulating the rights and obligations of a detective regulations governing the principles of conducting business activities in the field of detective services.

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Affairs on training for Protection Service army persons applying for

In addition you are requir to successfully pass psychological and medical examinations. As you can see the list of requirements to legally become a detective is quite long. Therefore when you apply for a license you must submit a number of documents to Germany WhatsApp Number the provincial police headquarters application for a detective license a sample template can be found at this link a medical certificate confirming mental capacity to perform detective services a document confirming the right to take up employment or conduct business activity in the territory.


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