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He had trouble catching his constantly busy boss and presenting her ideas for new articles. Eventually he came up with the idea of talking to her during elevator rides. In reality important business conversations are rarely held in an elevator. Nevertheless the idea of elevator speech is quite popular. When we all suffer from chronic lack of time it is worth knowing how to quickly and effectively convince others to your ideas. Of course a second presentation that actually achieves the intend effect is quite a challenge. After all business ideas are often complex and it is very difficult to present them in detail in such a short time.

Therefore the main goal here will be to interest

After all no one will sign a contract worth a lot of money hire a new candidate or decide to make an investment after listening to a presentation that lasts less than a minute. Nevertheless elevator speech is a great opportunity to attract the interlocutors Chief VP Operations Email List attention and interest him in our offer. In the next section you will read what you should pay attention to when preparing this type of presentation. . How to prepare a good elevator speech When considering elevator pitch we must consider whether it is even effective. I have bad news for you research shows that not really.

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The interlocutor in our product or idea

Their author computer science professor Peter Denning from  University claims that the problem is not the lack of time but the recipients lack of involvement and excessive focus on the speaker. The short form of this type of our project and forget that we are talking to another person. And yet in order to sell or convince effectively the customer or recipient India Whatsapp Number should be the center of attention. So how to prepare a good short presentation Here are some tips from Chris OLeary author of Elevator Pitch Essentials How to Get Your Point Across in Two Minutes or Less. Say exactly as much as you ne to say no less no more when you have such a limit time for your presentation you have to weigh your words very carefully.

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