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See also our guide How to become a professional soldier in Expert advice . A good professional summary in your can convince the recruiter. You dont have to reinvent anything choose a summary written by experts and customize it in the LiveCareer creator . creator . What predispositions do you nee to become an airplane pilot Lets be honest not everyone can become an airplane pilot. Why First a candidate for a pilot must be in good health . Contraindications to work include addictions serious eye diseases lack of spatial vision glaucoma serious color vision disorders and chronic diseases whose symptoms may appear unexpectedly heart disease diabetes mental illness.

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However slight visual impairments are not a problem. The regulations Kuwait Cell Phone Number List allow a defect of to diopters in the case of tourist flying and from to diopters for airline pilots. medical tests including ECG spirometry ophthalmological laryngological and neurological tests audiogram and tympanometry assessment of hearing ability and resistance to pressure changes. Of course military pilots are subject to the greatest restrictions.  in English because it is the official language in aviation communication and services with air traffic control towers and international crew.

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Therefore candidates are require to pass the Aviation English proficiency UK Telegram Number test which includes an initial interview listening in various accents and speaking. How to prepare for this In my opinion any way of developing language skills is good both in terms of recruitment as a pilot and everyday work. Of course in aviation we deal with technical specialize vocabulary and I believe that reading any books relate to aviation even historical ones will help to enrich this vocabulary. However working in aviation requires not only the use of procedural vocabulary but also a lot of regular conversations for example with ground staff at the airport.

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