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Periods to receive the benefit you must have polish citizenship. Foreigners living in poland will receive benefits when are citizens of another european union eu country are citizens. A noneu country but their country has sign a social security agreement with poland. Which provides for the right to benefits in poland. They have a permanent residence permit have have a temporary residence permit in connection with working. A profession that requires high qualifications have a temporary residence permit and intend . A business undertake or continue studies or vocational training in poland have refugee status or subsidiary protection. They have a residence card with the annotation access to the labor market. Until all parents were entitl to a baby allowance.

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Since then however a change has occurr. The benefit is available if the family income per person does not exce pln . Less than the lowest national minimum . If you meet the above conditions you can apply for benefits. To receive the benefit you must complete and Insurance Leads for Seniors submit the appropriate application. . How to complete and submit an application for a baby allowance online and at the application for a baby allowance from the government website. It is very simple to complete just provide the name and address of the office to which you want to submit the document and then your personal and contact details as well as the details of all your family members.

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Then you must select the authority to which health insurance contributions are paid for you and your family members or check the none box if you do not pay contributions and fill in information about your income and  and finally provide your account Sri Lanka Phone Number number. You can take the complet application to the appropriate office city commune or social welfare center or send it by post. You can also do it without leaving home. You can apply for a baby shower online via the government portal emptia . If you do not have an account on the website you must log in via a trust profile you can create it in most banks or via the epuap platform and then provide your personal data and the city or commune office whose petition you are.