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Social management features Many companies promote and sell their products through social media. HubSpot CRM can be connected to official company channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and allows you to extract data for more accurate analysis and personalize emails to be sent to customers and potential customers. HubSpot CRM can track all of your company’s social outreach interactions, so you know exactly how many times emails have been opened and clicked on.

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The free version does not offer this feature, you can take advantage of it if you subscribe to the premium version . HubSpot premium has several add-ons, one of which is website integration . This feature will alert you when a adjust Business Email List strategy lead visits your company website, indicating the pages viewed and various other useful information to make more informed marketing decisions. 4. Communications tracking Another advantage of HubSpot is communication monitoring. The software allows you to document the information of potential customers and create a pipeline for sending emails directly from the platform.

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Allows users to record phone calls with customers to collect and save useful information for future decision-making and sales . 5. HubSpot Marketing Integration HubSpot CRM can unify your marketing, sales, and service databases in one business BJ Leads relationships centralized location. Contact activities, business insights, documents and templates are also organized and preserved. HubSpot helps your business catalog and track customer communications with a reporting dashboard, live chat, conversational bots, and many other helpful tools.

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