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How to become a psychologist Character traits useful in the work of a psychologist. In the academic year psychology was the second most frequently. Chosen field of study by candidates as many as people trie to get into it only computer science was higher. However psychology is a profession of social trust and requires special predispositions. Therefore not everyone can and should become a psychologist. Why The work of a psychologist is full of challenges and complicate problems that must be faced.  other people and dealing with often intimate and emotionally.

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Difficult problems such as violence harassment addictions or depression and other mental disorders. Even studying psychology can be burdensome. It is a common phenomenon among students of this field to identify numerous disorders Taiwan Cell Phone Number List that they discovere during their studies. You also nee to be prepare to learn complex issues in biology the structure and functioning of the brain and sense organs mathematics statistics and logic. A good psychologist should therefore be possible difficulties and at the same time scrupulously follow he could cause more harm than good.

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These are the character and personality traits as well as soft skills necessary in the work of a psychologist empathy and the ability to show it openness develope communication skills the ability to inspire trust credibility patience and selfcontrol discretion respect towards patients sensitivity to other people mindfulness and concentration the ability to set and maintain boundaries good work organization the desire to constantly Bulgaria WhatsApp Number develop ones own competences ability to distance oneself from the patients problems. Of course each professional specialization will also require other additional features and competences.

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