Maybe you will see new

Maybe you will see new. It is worth remembering that the greater the accuracy , the less coverage. To use this targeting, you must have an initial audience of at least users. Who benefits from using it? Community administrators to attract potentially target subscribers , e commerce representatives who want to increase sales. What to advertise? Promotions , products , communities.  Live broadcasts on the VK Live service with the possibility of earning money. Now on VKontakte you can conduct live broadcasts , as well as make money from them viewers can support the authors of live broadcasts with virtual gifts , for which the authors will receive money.

Communication and more communication

For now, the mobile application is only available. In the App photo editing servies Store , but an Android version will appear soon. Who benefits from using it? Video bloggers , mica personalities , companies that create video content. What to advertise? Whatever your heart desires . The main thing is that viewers send gifts . UTM tags in advertising posts. Now, when creating an advertisement, you can add the following parameters to the link add—ad ID; campaign — advertising campaign identifier; random random number for any additional tracking. Only for links in promotional posts. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers tracking the direct effectiveness of advertising placement.

Key Four Make it easier to purchase

What to advertise? Landings , promotions , communities. Competitions , websites BJ Leads products , services , meetings , events.  Increasing the number of groups and cities for targeting. Now targeting subscribers of communities and competitor groups has more options when creating an advertisement, you can specify up to groups and communities in the targeting settings and significantly increase your advertising reach. The number of cities and interests for each ad has also increase from to . But there is one limitation the total number of parameters should not exec. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers who ne targeting to specific cities.

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