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Its aim is to effectively sell an idea attract investors or simply get a new job. Despite the recruiters promises summed up in the sentence. Well call you there was silence after the interview. You are slowly getting stressed. You dont know if youve already found a job or if you have to start. The whole process over again. You know that feelingĀ  wondering when and how to ask about the recruitment result. Is it worth calling the recruiter if he hasnt responded to your email or you have already received another job offer . But in this article I will also try to explain to you how to do it effectively and what to avoid so as not to burn bridges. I will also tell you what conclusions you can draw from the recruiters feedback.

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Create an effective C in minutes. Choose a professional C template and quickly complete all C sections with readytouse content and expert tips. Create a professional C now C creator NO C creator SO LiveCareers online C creator is a tool where you can Nursing Homes Email List quickly create a professional C and download it as . Email asking about the recruitment result date I took part in a job interview for the position of position name in your company. I would like to reconfirm my interest in the offer and familiarize myself with the recruitment results. If a decision has not been made yet I would be grateful if you could let me know when I can expect a response.

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Kind regards Your first and last name Your phone number You already know how to ask about the recruitment result via email. Later in the article I will tell you when it is worth doing it and whether it is worth calling the recruiter if you have not Sweden Phone Number received an answer. When and how to ask about the recruitment result when the phone is silent Sometimes due to the stress that accompanies a job interview we forget to set a deadline for a response with the recruiter. Other times it is impossible to provide such a date. But how long should it take to speak up yourself so that the recruiter doesnt get the impression that you are pushy or rude.

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