Holding an investment for months

Whether it’s building a business, scaling sales, launching, taking an online course, or starting a blog, there’s always room for improvement. I myself have recorded as much as possible everything that I can record. Based on these statistics, I make a decision on what to improve and where to focus my resources next. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Don’t just look at the euros. If no euros come, the reason is usually somewhere else than where you assume. When you track statistics, it’s easier for you to see where sales are falling. 13. The last but by no means least lesson is this: Measure everything possible, test everything possible and improve things little by little.

Measure, test and improve

At the very beginning I took this too literally, but along the new database way I have understood more what this actually means. For example, I’ll take the sales page of my old e-book. I used the following tools to measure the sales page Google Analytics (how many people visit the page, how long they stay, which pages they come from) CrazyEgg (what part of the page is read the  most, what is skipped quickly, which CTA makes people go to the checkout) PrettyLink (I added separate links to the sales buttons so was clicked the most) I let these tools do their thing for a few weeks and then I looked at the results. I made changes to the text, words and images on the page.

I could see which button

I directed traffic from Facebook and recorded the BJ Leads  results. Little by little, the sales page was in such condition that I was selling 5 to 7 e-books per day. But without the E-book Mastermind, I would never have realized this and would have focused on all the wrong things. I would have edited the sales page in the wrong way. Thus! These 13 things I have learned from the Digital Revolution. Big thanks once again to Peka, Petri and Henri. We Finns are not used to giving feedback and often feedback is given just between the two of us. But I think that what the boys of the Digital Revolution have done for us digital entrepreneurs over the years deserves publication and big thanks. 

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