Have you wondered why others are successful

Have you ever wondered why others are successful with their blog, personal brand or online projects , and you are not ? Are you looking for answers to these types of questions? In today’s post, I will tell you some differences that I have observed in the years that I have been doing this, about the people who achieve their goals and those who do not in this environment. It’s been some time since you finished your course/master’s degree on Digital Marketing. Many of your colleagues have already launched their projects, websites/blogs and some of them are even.

Making money with it

And say they are very happy with their new way of life. Meanwhile, you are still not clear about what you want to dedicate yourself to or specialize in. You have been company data told that you had to find your differentiating element and you have been stuck looking for it. And there comes a time when you feel like your project has stalled while everyone else is moving forward… Well, I write this article because lately I see a lot of people disappointed with their online projects. People who invest money in taking courses with great “experts” who promise them similar or better results than theirs and then a few months pass and the reality is different.

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They realize Have you

projects are still the same or worse than before, some. Of them have not even been launched because they are blocked. So it seemed good to me to write a BJ Leads post about things that I have been observing throughout these three years in which I interact with people who are just starting out and others who have their projects at the top. This article is not about giving you keys to be able to sell a lot from one day to the next, nor to achieve the desired success, but rather I am trying to make you see things differently. That you think and understand that this path is a long-term process and that you should focus on your strategy, and not on that of others, so that the project really works. 


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