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This is a great way to build engagement and create a community around your brand, which can result in acquiring new customers. Sales This goal is an excellent choice for those whose main goal is to increase online sales. These ads can link directly to your online store, allowing customers to make a purchase easily and quickly. Remember, however, that effective sales advertisements often require an attractive offer or promotion that will encourage users to take advantage of your offer. Contacts This is another goal worth considering because it allows you to generate leads. Thanks to it, you can collect contact information from people interestin your offer, e.g. email address, telephone number. You can then use this data for further communication, e.g. by sending them newsletters, special offers or information about new products.

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Traffic ads with this goal focus on generating as much traffic as possible to your website. This is not a direct way to acquire customers, but it can contribute to increasing sales. Remember that choosing the right Ukraine TG Number Data advertising goal should result from your marketing strategy and the business goals of your company. It’s always worth testing different goals and seeing which ones bring the best results. Create a Lookalike Audience target group To successfully acquire customers on Facebook, you must first define your target group.

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The Facebook Ads platform, in addition to the ability to precisely determine the characteristics of potential customers, allows you to target ads to Lookalike Audiences. Using this function will allow you to Ukraine WhatsApp Number reach people who are most likely to take advantage of your offer. Lookalike Audiences are Facebook users who are similar to your existing customers. Facebook analyzes their profiles and behavior and then looks for people with similar characteristics and interests. By advertising your offer among a group of similar recipients, you increase the chances of reaching users who may become your customers.


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