The core curriculum ability

The following requirements must be met which are set out in the regulation of the minister of national ucation of july on obtaining professional promotion grades by teachers knowlge of legal provisions regarding the organization tasks and principles of operation of the school where the teacher complet his internship ability to conduct classes in a way  of the schools statutory tasks in particular the implementation of  to recognize students nes and individualize teaching ability to apply knowlge in the field of psychology pagogy and didactics at work ability to use knowlge and skills acquir during professional.

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Development at work ability to use multimia and it tools at work especially during classes ability to discuss conduct and observ classes knowlge of students environment and their problems and ability to cooperate with the local environment. If he meets the above conditions and receives a positive assessment from the school principal he must Diabetes Mailing List submit an application to start the qualification procure within days of receiving it and pass the exam. In the case of professional promotion of trainee teachers a new rank is award to them by the principal of. Requirements for an appoint teacher with the subsequent levels of professional promotion of a teacher to the rank of appoint and certifi teacher the internship lasts much longer than for trainees as much as years and months.

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The school where The core curriculum they work

This means that you must have work at a lower level for at least years to be eligible for further degrees. As in the case of a trainee a contract teacher must also plan his or her professional development and agree on its course with the school principal. He should Iran Phone Number List also have an internship supervisor. Here are the requirements for a tenur teacher meeting which will help you get a promotion positive effects in teaching ucational or caring work as a result ability to recognize students development nes and take them into account in teaching ucational and caring work ability to use methods.


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