Avoid Foods That Can Transmit Diseases During Pregnancy

The future mother must eat in a varied and balanced way. Including all the basic foods for her health and that of her child. According to Dr. Julio doctor, who provides some keys to nutrition during pregnancy. Constipation, nausea, heartburn, high blood pressure.Many of the typical disorders and discomforts of pregnancy can be  or reduced with an .Which will also increase the mother’s vitality and provide the fetus with the. necessary nutrients for its proper development. . As Dr. doctor, explains, “nutrition and pregnancy are not. Equivalent to eating for two, as is often said, and it does not even mean that the pregnant woman .should eat larger quantities, but rather that she.  but more frequently – six times a day – and trying to chew slowly.

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Who wants to take care of herself, the future mother must eat in a varied and balanced way, including all the basic foods for her health and that of her like You  you do not carry your luggage correctly. Pregnant Woman That is to say, there is no specific diet for pregnancy. Women at this stage can eat practically anything, although there are. some exceptions Australia Phone Number Database   safety for their baby and. which must be taken into account. Otherwise, you should eat in moderation. And with the Mediterrane.an diet and the food pyramid as guides.

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To prevent infections and food poisoning such as listeriosis or toxoplasmosis, which can have very serious effects on the baby, this expert insists that “pregnant women should avoid consuming “. Of those considered risk foods., which may constitute a source of transmission of. Certain pathogenic agents.” However, there is still a lot of awareness-raising. work in this China Phone Number List  area, since, as reveal by the Study “. Perception and habits of . Country avoid these conflicting products. Food diseases Specifically, the diseases with the greatest impact on the pregnant woman or the fetus to diet during pregnancy are toxoplasmosis. by a parasite that can infect raw,   listeriosis,  by a bacteria that .

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