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The study consists of two parts a direct interview and observation of the examin person and an examination with diagnostic tools. Its aim is to check intellectual fitness and cognitive processes personality including functioning in difficult situations as well as social maturity and psychomotor skills. After a psychological examination for drivers an authoriz psychologist issues a psychological certificate confirming that there are no psychological contraindications to driving.  the decision and request that the tests be retest. Psychological examinations should be repeat if you are under years old every five years and if you are older every months.

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Psychological tests for drivers price psychological tests for drivers cost pln but in accordance with the labor code they are paid for by the employer. Psychological examinations of category b drivers to obtain a category b driving license for private use you do not ne to Healthtrax Corporate Email List undergo psychological tests. But if driving is part of your job duties you must pass them. The exception to the above rule is the loss of a driving license due to driving under the influence of drugs . Alcohol or receiving penalty points then the driver must undergo psychotechnical tests.

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Psychological tests for the army in accordance with the act on the universal obligation to defend the republic of poland and the regulation of the minister of national Russia Telegram Number defense before you become a professional soldier you must also undergo psychological tests.  sends an examination to the military psychological laboratory. They aim to check intellectual fitness personality traits psychomotor skills and the level of emotional and social maturity. Moreover in some units it is necessary to check the ability to function in difficult and stressful situations and to assess the way of acting and making decisions in dangerous situations.

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