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How does product advertising work? When a user enters a query into Google that is relatto one of your products, your ad may appear in their search results in a special section markSponsor. Additionally, it is also presentin the Google Shopping comparison engine itself. These ads present a photo of the product, price, store name, shipping cost and other important parameters. Thanks to this, a potential customer receives immediate access to the most important information about the product before he even enters the store’s website. This increases the chance of clicking and, therefore, completing the purchase. Learn more about product advertising in Google Ads.

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Why is it worth using product ads? Product advertising is particularly effective for ecommerce stores for several reasons. Firstly, it is an advertising format that allows you to present your products in a particularly attractive way that attracts the attention of users. Secondly, Google Shopping allows you to quickly compare product prices and features, which Egypt TG Number Data can help you make a purchasing decision faster. Third, product ads reach users who are purchaseoriented, which significantly increases the chance of conversion. Example of product advertising in Google Ads. Learn practical tips for shopping ads How to increase store revenues with product advertising in Google Ads? advanctips for optimizing product campaigns. Search advertising Text advertising on the search network is one of the most frequently chosen forms of advertising in Google Ads for ecommerce.

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This type of advertising allows you to successfully build awareness of your online store among potential customers and effectively encourage them to take advantage of the offer. How does search Egypt WhatsApp Number advertising work? Search ads appear above or below organic search results in text form. You can easily recognize them because of the Sponsor marking. In addition to the standard advertising text, they may contain extensions , i.e. additional elements that increase the attractiveness of the advertisement. This may include information such as your store’s address, phone number, sitelinks, and even customer reviews.


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