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A good professional summary in your can convince the recruiter. You dont have to reinvent anything choose and customize it in the livecareer creator . Creator . Strange and unusual professions list nowadays if you can earn money from an activity there will certainly be a position relat to it. This is where strange or unusual professions come from. Below you will find some examples from poland and around the world. Professional mermaid although it may sound absurd mermaid tail up to per hour activity in the unit states. There are no professional mermaids in poland yet but some swimming pools offer classes for children in the socall mermaiding .

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This term even has its own entry on wikipia . Snake milker that is a person who collects the venom of the most dangerous species of snakes. It is one of the most Network Marketing Contact List dangerous jobs in the world and yet very necessary. The venom is us to produce bite antidotes and other micines. . Water slide tester does handing out leaflets as a parttime job seem boring to  as a water slide tester during the summer. What is it about as the name suggests testers go down the slides every day to check if they are safe enough. . Cuddly people who struggle with loneliness and lack of contact with other people can use the services of a professional cuddler.

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In the unit states it is quite a popular although unusual profession. There is currently one professional cuddling salon in poland. . Partner for hire its quite a popular Sri Lanka Phone Number service in japan although from our perspective it may seem a bit strange. What is it if you ne to show up at a family dinner or other event with your partner but you are single you can hire a companion who will pretend that you are a couple. . Thanatopraxer and thanatos cosmetologist although they sound enigmatic they are really popular and necessary professions.