15 pages to download copyright-free music

15 pages to download copyright-free music. Don’t throw away all your audiovisual work for not using royalty-free music. I present to you a list of web pages where you can find the perfect melody for your work, without complications. We also present several banks with sounds for your creations. Are you clear about the copyright-free concept? Do you know what pages we can use to search for free music? A set of rights that correspond to authors and other owners artists, producers, broadcasting organizations.

Some concepts before downloading music

Some concepts before downloading music. Before getting into the download pages, I think it is interesting to be clear about some clear concepts related to copyright . We are touching on a delicate topic with many ramifications, so it doesn’t hurt to know a little about the law before starting to download. We must cover our backs and above all be ethical with the creators. What is copyright? In our country the law calls copyright as intellectual property right . The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports defines intellectual property.

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10 pages to download royalty-free music

10 pages to download royalty-free music. Below I present 10 very useful pages for you to put rhythm to your audiovisual works. Keep in mind what type of license the song has before using it. Most have a free catalog, but be sure to check their prices, as you can BJ Leads find very successful themes and much more variety . They define themselves as the first community of Spanish independent music composers who offer music free of any license.


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