Saying “we are introducing marketing automation. We can simply talk about automating part of marketing activities or about using and implementing special software. In the article. I focus on dedicated. Systems and their use in order to personalize communication with customers and build. Positive experiences with the brand on its basis. Dedicated tools for conducting marketing automation activities enable activities at various levels of advancement. Usually, thanks to them, we can maximally improve certain repetitive processes collecting behavioral and transactional data about users who visit our website or online store data segmentation.

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The data obtained allows us to divide users according to various criteria. Such as gender, interests, age. Viewed categories. Purchased products or the value of user transactions in a selected period of time automation – based on data about our users. We can dynamically adjust marketing messages and create e-mail communication scenarios whatsapp mobile number list tailored to behaviors. Needs and interests cross-sell and up-sell – thanks to automation. Based on the data we have collected. Users will receive from us an offer of complementary products and models with higher parameters What is personalizing marketing messages? From the perspective of an online store customer. Personalization of communication is the best thing that can happen to them from an online store.

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Thanks to it, he will receive exactly the content that interests him at the moment and which will allow him to make a purchase decision quickly and easily. With regard to marketing automation, the personalization of marketing communication is used to adapt the message to the individual recipient, based on available data, so as to maximizehis positive experience with our website or online store. the time in which our client receives a marketing message (. mailing informing about an abandoned BJ Leads basket sent within a certain time after leaving the website) content that the user will receive from us content is personalized based.