Master of Digital Marketing in Valencia

That’s where  WhatsApp Database comes in. WhatsApp Database is a powerful tool that makes. It easy to extract data from. WhatsApp chat backups With   WhatsApp Database you can extract contact. information. Chat messages, mia, call logs, and group information. This gives you a comprehensive view of your customers. and their interactions with your business.

Track customer Master of Digital Marketing 

Here are ways that you can use WhatsApp Database to grow your e-commerce business: Identify and qualify leads: By extracting contact information from chat backups, you can identify potential customers who have shown interest in your executive data products or services. You can then use this information to reach out to these potential. Customers and convert them into leads. Personalize the shopping experience: By analyzin.

This information can be us to improve

and to identify areas where you can improve the customer experience. Improve customer retention: By providing you with a centraliz view of customer interactions, S WhatsApp Database can help you identify customers who are at risk of churn, and to take steps to prevent them from leaving your business. Gain insights into your BJ Leads competitors  By analyzing chat logs from your competitors, you can gain insights into their marketing strategies.The master’s degree is designed for people who want to create their own project on the Internet and have the help of good professionals to help them grow, but also for people who want to train to get a job in an important company in the sector.

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